Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Realization of Gods Blessings

I like to consider myself an optimist. Lately
I have realized how negative the world is. War,
hunger, gossip, and even self image. This has a
impact on everyone no matter how optimistic you
think you are. I have recently caught myself falling
into this pattern. Thoughts like I hate
this weather, I hate living here, I hate going to
this school. I stop myself and think at least I have
things to keep me warm, I have a home and grandparents
who love me, I have access to a free education. I have
to step back and pray that I stop thinking those thoughts.
There are plenty of places where people don't have enough
to survive on a day to day level. I pray that God continues
to show me that I really am blessed in so many ways. I also
pray that people spread Gods love to the people who have never
heard of this man named Jesus. God loves everyone more then
any human understands! Stay positive. God bless!

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